The Logic

Love, compassion, can be seen as entirely logical. It proceeds necessarily from life itself, without the need for any additional constructs, religious or otherwise. This is not to disparage any religion or religions, but to say there is another, less complicated way that might make more sense to people who need to come at the basic questions of existence in another way. Such a way obviously bridges the differences between religions too. The Logic of Compassion develops this way. The entire text is available here. You don’t even have to give an email address. Just click the links and read. Anything else is up to you, but for sure we would love to hear your thoughts.

The Logic of Compassion

  1. Questions
  2. What can we be sure of?
  3. An assumption
  4. Self analysis
  5. The aggregate self
  6. Death and immortality
  7. Consciousness
  8. Evolving life
  9. Possibilities
  10. Justice
  11. Love
  12. Will and mind
  13. More (or less) will and mind
  14. Death revisited
  15. Meaning
  16. Resonance

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